Why you'll love Totara

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Totara for engagement

Totara Learn gives you the freedom to customise the system so that it is familiar to your organisation. It also enables you to create engaging learner experiences and leverage the benefits of blended learning. Totara Learn is a powerful platform for both formal classroom management and e-learning, and informal/social learning through online groups and collaboration. Learners can pick their path to competence by selecting learning that works for them. Robust e-assessment tools measure learning retention and performance improvement.

We can also work with your internal subject matter experts to create focused, engaging e-learning modules with built-in assessments.

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Totara for learning compliance

Compliance is our thing! We’re experts in solving the challenges of targeting and tracking training in regulated environments. Our work in healthcare, where good, accurate training is critical to patient care, has resulted in significantly increased training compliance and, importantly, great feedback for Learning and Development teams from regulators. With our unique compliance tools, users can easily see what learning they need to complete and when, whilst administrators can easily report and drill down to view compliance at different organisation levels. We are now actively applying our compliance knowledge and tools to organisations in the other sectors.

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Screenshot of a Totara Learning Plan with a learners objectives

Totara for performance

Learning drives performance. Effective performance processes help organisations to target formal and informal learning at the right people. Our Totara Learn platform includes powerful processes to track annual appraisal cycles as well as flexible goal setting and review. Together with 360° feedback, intuitive Personal Development Plan (PDP) processes and our unique CPD module, we can support all of your learning and performance needs.

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Our values

Our values are key to how we work and also promises that we make to you.



You’re not just buying a product, you’re investing in people who care just as much as you about your learners and your organisation.



We collaborate and build communities of like-minded people who care deeply about safer, better places to work, and about learning organisations.

Solutions Focused


We deliver practical solutions that meet your learning management requirements from the user experience and the organisational compliance perspective.