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By on March 21, 2017

To make the right decisions quickly, you need timely and targeted information at your fingertips. We hear many organisations find it difficult to report efficiently and accurately across their organisation and to provide managers timely reports to enable them to better manage their staff and keep track of compliance requirements.

We appreciate that organisations all have their own reporting requirements so one report suite does not fit all. Flexibility is key. Totara Learn has a powerful Report Builder that gives administrators the ability to easily build their own custom reports from predefined report sources and not rely on standard pre-built reports.

A new LMS implementation is also the chance to review reporting requirements from a fresh perspective. There may be some change management to work through particularly as managers, supervisors or divisional directors gain self service access for the first time or adjust to a new, improved report format.

Totara Learn’s flexible Report Builder allows you to:

  • Build customised reports – including graphical reports for immediate engagement.
  • Personalise reports with customised search filters and column selections.
  • Assign reports (pre-built or custom) to any system role, audience or individual users.
  • Filter reports by organisation hierarchy, position or user group information.
  • Schedule reports and deliver them by email at specified times (e.g. Every Monday at 8am).
  • Export reports in a variety of common formats.

All reports produced in Totara Learn are based on real-time data  and accurate which gives confidence to managers to use the data for key decision making.You do not need to have any SQL knowledge and  you will not have to extract or upload data to/from other systems as Totara Learn can be fully integrated with your HR system. The data within your HR system can be used for analysis and targeting or you can build on these structures to define additional target groups.

Key Benefits of Totara Learn Report Builder

Below is a small insight into some of the reporting capabilities within Totara Learn that are valued by our clients:

Reporting on learner completions and competencies

Learners can complete activities, courses, programs, certifications, and receive marks towards proficiency in competencies and objectives. Reports can be built to display completion and competency information of single courses or multiple courses to inform managers of the work learners are yet to complete and can also be used to find learners who are competent in certain areas. This information can be used to source talent within your company for internal promotion and for filling temporary knowledge gaps.

Face to face training

Learners can register for face-to-face / instructor-led training and then managers or trainers can use custom built reports to review learner bookings across multiple sessions. After training sessions have taken place, trainers can mark attendance and then report on this along with cancellations, DNA  etc. Managers can also be notified about attendance by email automatically. Other powerful features in Totara Learn are the ‘register interest’ and ‘waiting list’ functionality. Users can report on both of these options and plan the provision of their training accordingly.

Totara Learn allows you to import your organisations hierarchy and structures from your HR system or to establish them directly in the system. Combinations of job roles, departments and regions can be used to automatically assign learning courses and competencies, including recurring topic requirements. These structures can then be used within reports. As well as reporting against standard hierarchies, you can include ‘custom fields’ in your hierarchy (e.g. identify teams by location, specific training need, size etc) and then slice reporting data by these custom fields.

Key appraisal reporting

Key appraisal data can easily be made available to managers via dashboards and reports.\

If you would like to know more about what reports are available or how the Totara Learn report builder works then please contact us.

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