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New 2019 Totara webinars

By on October 7, 2019

Most months Totara produce a series of Totara webinars for free for their customers and people interested in Totara products. The upcoming schedule of webinars for October to November 2019 can be seen below.

As a customer, you can sign up to Totara webinars by clicking on this link and sign in with your Totara Community username and password. If you are not a customer please click on the link at the end of the post to register.

Totara Webinars

10 October – From nagging to nudging: improve motivation and engagement with your own rewards store

Tired of nagging your learners to complete their training? Looking for ways to get customers to come back and learn more about your products and services all while tying in an effective marketing strategy?

What if you could nudge your learners to come back to your Totara site and learn more with the help of personalized gamification strategies?

In this session, Jeff Campbell, the Founder and Director of Motrain will introduce the platform and how it is designed to improve course completion rates, foster mastery, and enhance the personal connection learners have with their organization.

When: 10th October at 4 PM (British Summer Time)

16/17 October – Analyse your learners’ performance in Totara Learn

Would you like to know exactly which of your learners are excelling and which are finding course activities challenging?

In this webinar, we’ll review how to use course reports so you can be confident your learners are performing as expected on their training.

When: 16th October at 4 PM (BST)

30/31 October – Group resource creation in Totara Learn

Collaboration often returns rich results. Crowdsourcing your course resources and allowing learners to build shared knowledge banks is an effective method of peer-to-peer learning. Join us for this session, where we’ll show you how to do this using the glossary and wIki activities in Totara Learn.

When: 30th October at 3 PM (GMT)

6/7 November – Peer review and workplace mentorship in Totara Learn

Could your learners add value to each other through peer review and feedback? Did you know you can enable this using the workshop activity in Totara Learn?

In this session we’ll walk you through how to do this.

When: 6th November at 4 PM (GMT) 

21 Nov – KPIs that matter: measuring engagement in Totara Learn

Regardless of what industry you work in, being able to measure the engagement of your training and produce outcomes – whether they are to inform, teach, improve, or change – is critical to understand your training’s likelihood of success.

This session will be a demonstration of a Lambda Solutions reporting and analytics solution that gives your stakeholders access to the right data, when they need it, and in the right format.

The solution, powered by Zoola Analytics, extends the reporting capabilities of Totara Learn to measure learner engagement through the KPIs that matter to your organization.

When: 21 November at 4 PM  (GMT) / 10 AM (CDT)

To register for the webinars please click on this link

If you are not a Totara customer and would love to know more about the benefits of a cost effective, flexible and customisable Open Source LMS click on the “Contact Us” link on our website. We will be happy to get in touch and discuss the many benefits Totara could bring to your organisation.


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