Matomo provides user activity analytics within Totara Learn v10

By on March 19, 2018

‘Big data’ is making a significant impact in almost every area of business, and most organisations are ramping up their investment and interest in data as it becomes a more feasible opportunity. Totara Learn has always featured customisable reports that focus on outcomes. For example:

  • Who’s completed what content?
  • What scores have people got in a quiz
  • Who’s allocated which courses to complete?
  • What’s our compliance rate?

However, V10 introduces detailed user activity analytics. For example:

  • How long do users spend on each page?
  • What pages are most popular, which are underused?
  • What sorts of devices, browsers and screen resolutions are your population using?
  • What times of day/week are busiest for online learning?


We’ve implemented the leading open source analytics platform for tracking, analysing and reporting site data – Matomo. Matomo has been downloaded over 3.5 million times across the World and is providing individuals, big and small companies with valuable analytical insights. In short, a small piece of code is placed on your Totara site, which reports user activity back to the analytics engine, and the analytics engine creates graphs and reports to give you additional valuable insights into your workforce learning and development needs and habits.

This activity data will help you (and us) to plan  system downtime for updates, analyse the extent to which users are accessing the site with mobile devices, and see how long users spend in course pages.

To find out more about how you can access and use this data within your organisational context please contact us.

 Important privacy notes:

  • Reports are not aware of personal/user information. 
  • Each client’s data is logically separated – your data is treated as securely as your main Totara site data is, and all data remains on our own servers.
  • We at Think Learning can run cross-Totara-site reports to identify any general usability issues, which will inform our future improvement plans and feedback to Totara HQ.

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